Over 60 Years of Quality Research

Spencer Research is a national, full-service, market research company, providing research design and consultation, in-depth product research and statistical analysis for brand leaders nationwide.

Concept sensory projects, multi-market pre-recruited taste panels and multi-market home use tests are the primary focus of our research.  Our services include, but are not limited to:

• Food Product Taste Panels
• Product Discrimination Testing
• Home Use Tests
• Competitive Product Comparisons
• Focus Group Discussions
• In-Depth Interviews
• National Telephone Surveys
• Customer Satisfaction Research
• Data Analysis & Statistical   Consultation

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Spencer Research provides market research services.
Spencer Research services.

Spencer Research provides market research consulting services for major companies nationwide.  These services include all aspects of study execution from project planning stages through questionnaire design, data collection, statistical analysis and delivery of final, presentation-ready reports. 

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Spencer Research facilities.
Spencer Research facilities.

Spencer Research maintains fully equipped test kitchens along with other quantitative and qualitative research facilities in our home base of Columbus, Ohio as well as in our partnership locations nationwide.  Within central Ohio we have numerous stations for telephone interviewing and respondent scheduling operations.

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Spencer Research partnership markets across the US.
Spencer Research partnership markets across the US.

Spencer Research has been successful in establishing formal partnerships in markets nationwide.  These associations allow us to offer consistency in research execution as well as preferred pricing for our clients in multi-market research projects.  We are, of course, able to work in other (non-partnership) cities all over the country.

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Spencer Research takes the position that we are an integral member of our clients’ research team with the primary responsibility of providing valuable direction in designing and providing research services to specifically meet the stated objectives of our clients’ company.

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